Wholesale Services

Have wholesale enquiries for your business?

Nut Grocer is one of Australia's largest wholesalers of quality nuts, dried fruit, seeds, grains and food ingredients. With over 35 years' experience in Australian wholesale food industry, we supply to cafes, restaurants, bakeries, health food stores and specialty retailers around Australia.

We provide a range of contract services for our wholesale customers. Whether you are a new or an established retailer or wholesaler, a start-up business or a large organisation, we can help with your outsourcing requirements for roasting, blending, packaging and labelling. Our highly experienced and passionate team can help you create complete food products that will satisfy your customers.

Our wholesale contract services include:

Contract roasting

Our wholesale team specialise in contract roasting, both dry roasting and oil roasting, of all kinds of nuts including roasted almonds, roasted cashews, roasted macadamias, roasted hazelnuts, roasted peanuts and mixed roasted nuts.

Contract blending

Our wholesale team are highly experienced in custom dry blending using your unique recipes to create the perfect blends for your customers. Small or large batches, we can blend all forms of dry ingredients including mixed nuts, mixed dried fruit, muesli, granola, cereals and spices.

Packing and labelling

Our wholesale team offer an efficient packing solution for your finished food products. We can pack almost all dry ingredients from nuts, dried fruit, snacks, confectionary to spices in different packaging sizes and weights using pillow bags or re-sealable doy stand-up pouches. We can also label the packaging with your own label and branding, creating a complete product for your customers.

For further information, contact our wholesale team at (03) 9547 3998 or sales@nutgrocer.com.au to discuss your wholesale enquiries.