Nut Grocer Start Up

Start your own business: open your own Nuts shop

Are you interested to become a business owner and open your own Nuts shop? We can help you get started and set up your own shop.

We have been in the wholesale food industry for over 35 years with experiences in setting up and operating retail and chain shops. With our tailored Nut Grocer Start Up package, we help you set up your own Nuts shop and get you ready to start the journey as a business owner.

Nut Grocer Start Up Package

We can tailor the Nut Grocer Start Up package to suit your requirements. Services that we offer include:

1. Business planning and consultation

We work with you to develop a business plan for your shop. Through the business planning and consulting process, we help you build an action plan and define the priorities to establish, operate and grow your business.

2. Store setup

We help you set up and prepare your shop for launch – from shop fittings and visual merchandising, choosing and purchasing essential equipment, to setting up Point of Sales (POS) system, stock management and accounting software.

3. Product supply and merchandising

We provide you access to over 350 wholesale products and ingredients – from nuts, dried fruit, seeds & grains, beans & legumes, to chocolates and pantry staples at our wholesale price. We can provide custom packaging to suit your needs.

4. Branding and marketing

We help you design your own brand, develop a tailored Local Area Marketing plan and set the marketing budget and goals to promote your shop to your local area and communities.

5. Training and support

We provide you with initial training to equip you with essential skills to run and operate your shop. We can tailor our training and support services to suit your needs and provide you with long term or ongoing training and support.

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